Choose the Best Lighting for the Makeup Mirror

You’re applying your makeup in the mirror and you may think you look excellent. But when you walk into the car and pull down sun visor for one last look in the mirror. To your surprised, you may find that the foundation of the makeup isn’t like what you thought before. There are some lighting factors you should consider when you start to apply your makeup.


Use the Natural Light. 

As we all know, natural light is the cheapest and easiest way to get the best lighting for makeup. If you can, place your mirror close to a window that will allow plenty of natural light to give your face an even. In this way, you can have a much better makeup. With the help of the natural light, you will know exactly what you’re trying to detract from or enhance.

Look for Lighting with a High CRI (Color Rendering Index).

How you notice that different colors is very important when it comes to makeup. A foundation color may look like it matches your skin tone under a certain light, but if that lighting has a low CRI, you may find that it doesn’t match at all. Therefore, if you always apply your makeup in the bathroom, you should ensure that the lighting has a high CRI, so that you are able to see the true color of the foundation on your face. As usual, you should try to keep your lighting’s CRI above 80. On this condition, you will have the best lighting effect. But if you don’t know how to control the CRI of the light, you can choose a LED lighted mirror. It’s a good choice for your makeup.

Don’t Use Overhead Light Only.

Have you ever been in a fitting room and noticed that the overhead lighting will accentuate every tiny flaw on your body? You will also find that your face every flaw under a overhead light. Using only one light above you will accentuate shadows that are created under the eyes or other areas. But if you use a pendant light, it will show you need in order to see all of your face in its best light.


Use Multiple Light Sources. 

As mentioned above, we should use multiple light sources when you apply the makeup. Even if we can’t like stars that make many light bulbs on the mirror in their dressing rooms, there are still ways to surround your face with light. There have a better solution for your makeup is to use light sources on either side of your face. Which means you can place two fixtures on either side of your mirror at eye level will highlight all areas of your face.


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