How to Revitalized Your Bathroom?

We always forget to the bathroom which we spend much time here. It is said that a person can spend an average of 3 years in the bathroom. You brush your teeth, take a shower, comb your hair, etc. So why not pay more attention to this space? Do a little simple change for your bathroom, you can find the bathroom will have different feeling.

Firstly, Pick a Style for the Bathroom

Choosing a suitable and specific style is the building block for the development of the space, and also is a very important step for revitalizing your bathroom.


Are you like the modern and minimalist style? Nowadays, modern and minimalist spaces always focus on organization and function. These spaces are spacious and simple with streamlines and industrial materials like glass and chrome.


How about a casual but comfortable style? Textured fabrics and unique accents appropriately set this type of design style.


What’s more, are you like the classic style? Traditional style cherishes simple elegance with limited details and finely crafted furniture and fittings.

And you can find your favorite style by using some social sites like Pinterest or Houzz to help you to decide which is you hope your bathroom will be. Knowing which style is your preference will save on costs and time. Remember keep it simple, it’ll be easier to expand on your inspirations during the renovating process.

Secondly, Make Easy Fixes

Once you have identified your decoration style, it will be easier to make the necessary changes.

  • Change out fixtures like the bathroom: faucets, shower heads and accessories. These simple switches can spice up the room and create a whole new look.
  • Renew the existing vanity with a fresh coat of paint and change out hardware. This can make you to change the look while saving on extra costs.
  • Switch out worn out lighting. Lighting can change the whole mood in the room. Create a spa-like atmosphere with dim lighting and chic drapes.
  • Add accent pieces, such as using wallpaper, painting, mirrors, and others. These items can add dimension to the bathroom and can be the “final touch” that needed to bring the space together.

Thirdly, Give it a Try

Get the family members involved with interesting D.I.Y projects, such as painting a personalized tooth brush holder for everyone of the family.


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